ABC13 Houston App Reviews

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iPad mini 4 works, iPhone 6 doesnt

Bad support. App doesnt work for months with the iPhone 6. iPad mini 4 works. Weird. Why dont you test your stuff?

All the news you dont need to know

The sheer volume of worthless alerts outweighs the good in this app.

Too many advertisements

Too many times you want to view a story when you open the app you get full on advertisement without a way to close it!!

App is ok

app is ok its nice to see the breaking news notifications, but many times when the app launches, that particular notification cannot be located it would be nice if there was a breaking news category

Too much

I love getting notifications about the news, but this app seems to notify you about every single thing that happens. This morning I got a notification about saving money at the movies. It was 6:40 in the morning. The app needs to have filters for the type of news you want to be notified about.

Stop With The Ads!!!!!!

There are way to many annoying ads on the page that when barely touched, redirect you. It is so frustrating. ABC is my favorite news channels but I have stopped using the app because of so many ads.

The app continuously crashes

I have not been able to open the app over the past 4 months. The app continuously crashes with ever attempt.

Okay app but need ability to customize notifications

Please update the app to allow a user to toggle what notifications they want. For example I wish to receive breaking news notifications but dont wish to get the "watch live"messages. Currently all I can do is turn all of them off.

Too many adds!!!! Adds adds adds

Too many adds!!! Im sick and tired of it. Not cool. Yall play a 30 second add for a 15 second news update. Pls stop or reduce the number of adds. adds adds adds!!!

Breaking news only PLEASE!!!

I turned on notifications so I could get breaking news, not all the BS they send out all day long. It got to be so aggravating I turned them off.

Support abc news app!

Love the app. Not complicated.

Weather Radar no longer works

It wont animate now. Please fix this


For some reason Im no longer able animate the weather radar, also when your watch a video and you stop it from auto playing the next video and move to another story the video sound keeps on playing


Whats up with the Doppler radar. Doesnt animate!

Ads! Ads! Ads! Ads!


9/1 update

Current update was meant to enhance weather section. Problem is, tapping the weather icon shuts the whole app down. Cannot access any weather on your updated app.

App locks up when accessing weather forecast.

Dont update. New version locks up when accessing weather data.


I cannot stand all the ads that are now on this app. Is this a news app?

Everything is breaking news!

I have probably received 15 alerts today and its only 830am. Deleted.


App shuts down when I try to access weather info.

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